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AMAZON- Earrings with Tiger Ebony Beads and Russian Amazonite

AMAZON- Earrings with Tiger Ebony Beads and Russian Amazonite

The earrings are long and exotic with 12mm round finely polished Tiger Ebony beads. They are topped with small natural turquoise heishi beads from American mines. The Kingman and Sleeping Beauty mines in Arizona produce the best quality turquoise available today.Russian Amazonite nuggets are added in dangles from antique brass mini hoops. There earrings measure 3" total length and have all brass beads and ear wires.

Read more about these beads:
AMAZONITE- In Egypt, amazonite was made into tablets in parts of the Book of the Dead and found in the tomb of King Tut.

TIGER EBONY -Tiger Ebony is a lovely dark striped wood, also known as Kamagong. Kamagong or "Mabolo" is a fruit tree found only in the Philippines, the wood of which is extremely dense and hard, and famous for its dark color.

TURQUOISE- Egyptians prized Turquoise as a Life Stone. The oldest pieces of jewelry set with this gem are four bracelets found on the mummified arm of Queen Zar. She ruled in Egypt about 5500 BC. Highly revered in Tibet, a Turquoise stone was carried throughout one's entire life. It was exchanged as currency & the finest stones were considered more valuable than gold.

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