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CELESTIAL White Magnasite Earrings

CELESTIAL White Magnasite Earrings

CELESTIAL EARRINGS – natural white magnesite ovals and mahogany obsisdian round beads.

MAGNESITE has the same crystal structure of calcite, hence its inclusion into the calcite mineral group. Many of the properties of magnesite are either identical or similar to those of calcite. 

MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN - Obsidian forms from volcanic activity and is made of the same minerals as granite. As it cools, the bubbles in obsidian create intricate and decorative designs such as snowflakes or mahogany colored patterns. Obsidian has been used for tool-making since at least 21,000 B.C. and in jewelry for many centuries. The American Indians considered obsidian a precious mineral and to the ancient Aztecs it was the warrior's stone, used to protect them from evil.

COPPER- It is commonly known that copper has been used in bracelets to help those with arthritis. The earrings measure 2 12” in total length.

28 USD