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DENIM Lapis lazuli Earrings with Brass-Boho Dangles

DENIM Lapis lazuli Earrings with Brass-Boho Dangles

These earrings are rustic, feminine and work soooo well with the jeans. Dress up any of your denim styles and not look overly casual. Pretty long at 2 ¾” total length is more than most of my earrings, but it works.

DENIM LAPIS is another name for blue lapis lazuli but, the white element of lapis is brought about by the presence of calcite. Lapis lazuli is not a single mineral, it consists of pyrite, calcite and lazurite as major components. The lazurite is what gives blue lapis the deep blue color. But blue lapis is not naturally found with a uniform blue color. It will often show white patches or streaks.

LAPIS LAZULI has always been greatly valued by rulers as early as the fourth millennium B.C.  The stone was said to impart ancient knowledge

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