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DISTANT SHORES - Recycled Glass Handmade Earrings

DISTANT SHORES - Recycled Glass Handmade Earrings

I found a wonderful lady who has been selling trade beads for many years and proceeds of her sales go to the service dogs which she trains for disabled and elderly people. It's great work and hope you have a chance to visit: http://www.turtlebeartradingco.com to see here work with the beautiful animals.
These beads are from her collection and they are just lovely!

The earrings include African handmade recycled glass beads which are powdered glass and formed in molds. I've addded brass African disc beads, African bauxite 'pipe' heishi beads and they are finished with antique brass wires and caps. The turquoise and seafoam green are awesome!

They measure 1 1/2" total length and are finished with antiqued brass ear wires and beads.
28 USD