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MALAWI African Trade Bead Earrings

MALAWI African Trade Bead Earrings

Malawi earrings – green and gold sand cast African trade beads with natural malachite round beads and Baltic amber and copper wires.

TRADE BEADS- Rediscovering Trade Beads of African and Native American trade has been inspiring and educational. Beads have been the passion of humans from earliest history. Each bead used in trade has an unknown past of great interest and collectible value. The process of making these beads ahs been practiced for centuries by various tribes. They are made by crushing colored glass into powder and pouring the melted glass into molds formed from sand, sandcasting. The beads can be layered for color or are also painted. No two beads are exactly the same and these imperfections and variations lend character and uniqueness to each piece of jewelry. 

MALACHITE is thought to be a stone of good fortune and prosperity and abundance. Malachite is also a very protective stone according to folklore. 

BALTIC AMBER begins as sticky resin oozed from ancient pine trees. Over time, through a process of heat and pressure, the resin hardens and fossilizes to become stone. Amber increases in value with the rarity and perfection of an entrapped object. Deposits have been found that range between 360 and one million years old and belong between the Carboniferous and Pleistocene geological periods. Amber can range in color from dark brown to a light almost clear lemon yellow.

COPPER- It is commonly known that copper has been used in bracelets to help those with arthritis and is a conductor of energy. The earrings measure 2” in total length.

36 USD