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MARITA Aquamarin and Amazonite Earrings

MARITA Aquamarin and Amazonite Earrings

MARITA EARRINGS- amazing aquamarine ovals with antique brass discs and round amazonite beads.

AQUAMARINE-The name Aquamarine comes from a Latin word meaning “water of the sea”. The watery blue color adds to its reputation of being a good talisman for sailors. Sailors in the middle ages believed it would ensure a safe passage. Legends from the middle ages claim that Aquamarine was the treasure of mermaids and could cure the effects of poisoning.

AMAZONITE is a lovely blue green type of feldspar which has many variations throughout, giving it an iridescent semi-transparency. It is fond in Russia, Madagascar, Brazil and Colorado. Folklore suggests that the stone balances opposing values. The earrings measure 3” in total length

36 USD