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NEFERTITI Blue Apatite Earrings with Amber dangles and copper

These earrings are so graceful and vibrant. They catch the light and seem to reveal an ancient charm. The Amber dangles are complimentary and work well with copper finishes. The total length is 2 3/8”

APATITE,  just like quartz or topaz, can be easily found in almost every part of the globe in it mineral form and in big sizes. However, it originates in the form of a gem only in Madagascar, United States, Brazil and Mexico. These crystals possess both transparent and translucent features.
The name of these beads comes from Greek mythology. Apate is the name of the Greek goddess of deceit and it usually associates with trickery, fraud, crimes and all such vices. It is believed that this was found inside the Pandoras Box.

AMBER contains soothing properties and is used by some for correcting imbalances. It is said to be a gentle activator.

COPPER- It is commonly known that copper has been used in bracelets to help those with arthritis.
24 USD