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OCEANA Turquoise Earrings

OCEANA Turquoise Earrings

OCEANA EARRINGS— Blue turquoise nuggets and green turquoise roundels with are accented by Baltic amber chips and copper. 

TURQUOISE- Egyptians prized Turquoise as a Life Stone. The oldest pieces of jewelry set with this gem are four bracelets found on the mummified arm of Queen Zar. She ruled in Egypt about 5500 BC. Highly revered in Tibet, a Turquoise stone was carried throughout one's entire life. It was exchanged as currency & the finest stones were considered more valuable than gold. 

BALTIC AMBER begins as sticky resin oozed from ancient pine trees. Over time, through a process of heat and pressure, the resin hardens and fossilizes to become stone. Amber increases in value with the rarity and perfection of an entrapped object. Deposits have been found that range between 360 and one million years old and belong between the Carboniferous and Pleistocene geological periods. Amber can range in color from dark brown to a light almost clear lemon yellow.

COPPER- It is commonly known that copper has been used in bracelets to help those with arthritis. The earrings measure 2” in total length
36 USD