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Origins Red Coral Bracelet with Trade Beads and Bohdi Seed Bead

Origins Red Coral Bracelet with Trade Beads and Bohdi Seed Bead

Rediscovering Trade Beads of African and Native American trade has been inspiring and educational. Beads have been the passion of humans from earliest history. This little bracelet is a lively example of this rich history. I've used small red coral tube beads, black agate, African brass heishi beads and turquoise colored Padre trade beads to compliment the Bodhi seed bead center. The Bodhi bead is inlaid with turquoise and coral and is a stunning example of the handmade craftsmanship which has endured through time and travels of the trade. Each bead used in trade has an unknown past of great value. The bracelet measures 8" and has a brass clasp.

BODHI SEED BEADS- are used in Buddhist prayer malas (strands of prayer beads) in the practice of "Bodhi " The seed beads are from the Bodhi Tree.

CORAL comes from the sea and is the vacated housing of a marine animal.

BLACK AGATE-Black Agate represents the element earth.


In Lewis and Clark's voyage of discovery, they mention somewhat in dismay, that the preferred bead by the locals was blue. Seems the East coast Indians liked red beads of which they had many, but they only had a few blue beads "Padre beads are wound, opaque, light blue glass beads from China. Through Spanish and Russian traders, Padre beads spread rapidly into the Southwest and Northwest. In 1778, English explorer, Captain James Cook made several references to the effect that it was difficult to obtain supplies and furs from the Pacific coast Indians without this particular blue bead. Captain Lewis had this to say about Padre beads and the Indians tribes along the Columbia River . . . 'only the blue and white beads were acceptable, the most desired, are the common cheap, blue beads called Chief Beads' Padre beads were made in a variety of colors, but blue and white were the most sought after by the Northwest Indians." Source:  O. Ned Eddins, Mountain Man Indian Fur Trade Beads. Antique Glass is at the Heart of these African Trade Beads and the core of these very popular beads is milk white glass that is coated in the color of the bead. White heart beads come in a variety of colors

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