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SHOSHONE Malachite and Dalmation Jasper Earrings

SHOSHONE Malachite and Dalmation Jasper Earrings

SHOSHONE EARRINGS- malachite chip dangles with blue magnasite disks over dalmation jasper roundels and copper wires.

MAGNESITE has the same crystal structure of calcite, hence its inclusion into the calcite mineral group. Many of the properties of magnesite are either identical or similar to those of calcite.

MALACHITE is thought to be a stone of good fortune and prosperity and abundance. Malachite is also a very protective stone according to folklore. 

DALMATION JASPER is a joyful stone. This stone is found in Mexico, and it is a quartz based stone with spots of brown and black. The black spots are either Black Tourmaline or quartz. 

COPPER- It is commonly known that copper has been used in bracelets to help those with arthritis and is a conductor of energy. The earrings measure 2” in total length.


36 USD