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SOLEIL - Sand cast African trade bead earrings with copper

Beautifully handmade sandcast West African Bi cone trade beads from Ghana speak to our memories of summer sand and warm ocean breezes. The earrings are enhanced with copper ear wires and verdigris beads. They also feature Bauxite trade beads and measure 2” in total length. 

These are West African Trade beads. These beads are made from special powder glass by the people of Krobo in the Kroboland region of Ghana~West Africa. They are particularly beautiful with each color of glass being pressed in the sand mold in layers to create the design.  

BAUXITE TRADE BEADS- Bauxite is a kind of aluminum ore and is a beautiful dark rusty chestnut color. These wonderful old beads are cut, carved, polished and drilled by hand in Africa.
36 USD