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SUMATRA Amethyst and Coconut Shell Necklace

SUMATRA Amethyst and Coconut Shell Necklace

Raw and unpolished amethysts are placed a perfect setting of coconut shell disc beads and cooper wrapped wood and magnesite.  The focal is a big amethyst chunk wrapped in copper and strung with amber enhanced dangles of magnesite, amethyst and aquamarine.
The necklace measures 30" in length. Earrings are available here:

AMETHYST- It also supports and assists in stopping self abuse. It brings calm, inner peace, courage and balance.

MAGNESITE is typically white, but ranges from colorless to gray or tan. Some refer to it as "chalk turquoise" or "white turquoise," but magnesite is not related to turquoise.
For hundreds of years, many Native Americans, including the Pomo people of California, crafted magnesite into beads used as jewelry and currency. Magnesite beads were considered quite valuable and were traded individually, instead of by the strand like most money beads.
\Magnesite is found around the world, including much of Europe, Africa, Brazil, China, Korea and the U.S.A

AMBER contains soothing properties and is used by some for correcting imbalances. It is said to be a gentle activator. Amethyst is a beautiful gem that ranges in color from light lavender to deep purple. Some Amethyst even has a mauve tint. The most valuable variety of Amethyst is colored deep medium purple with rose flashes. Cape Amethyst includes bands of milky white quartz.

COPPER is well know to be a conductor of energy

AQUAMARINE-The name Aquamarine comes from a Latin word meaning “water of the sea”.  
The  watery blue color adds to its reputation of being a good talisman for sailors.  Sailors in the middle ages believed it would ensure a safe passage.  Legends from the middle ages claim that Aquamarine was the treasure of mermaids and could cure the effects of poisoning.  
Like the water of the sea for which it is named, Aquamarine comes in shades from blues to greens and most people find the colors soothing and calming.
115 USD